French Windows 

Woke up didn't know if I was alive or dead- a long sleep catching up on sleep will do that to you- cool winds welcome after that heat spell- Cross drafts  sweep thru French windows facing north, west, south. Lying on my bed, I feel, literally, in the air! Like a tree-fort my place is tucked btw trees, the street, and a garden ...

Usually play music @ Sabor y Cultura 5625 sunset 90028 1st &  3rd Saturday of month. But tonite we are dark and will be back again October 7th, 7-9pm. Will be however @ Elderberries Cafe 7564 Sunset 9009046  tmrow Sunday 2-4pm. Mark Willifords will be taking so me photos of me. He's a brilliant photographer. Works for Disney. Helped me produce a CD re/release night a month ago. We got nice crowd. Got some Google  play, some press for the neighborhood. 
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